A powerful open telemetry framework

Easily collect, process, and publish telemetry data at scale

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Simplified Workflow

Achieve a single extensible flow starting with data collection at all layers, then transforming the data with basic filtering or adding information for context, and finishing with publishing the processed data to one or more platforms.


Plugin Architecture

Allows users to mix and match functionality based on need using three types of plugins: collectors, processors, and publishers. Discover plugins in our plugin catalog.







Flexible Scheduling

Collect telemetry data from different systems and sensors at the time intervals you need whether it’s all the time, on-demand, within a window, or on a cron schedule.

plugin catalog

Dynamic Control

Dynamic plugin operations means loading, updating, and unloading plugins without restarting Snap or extra configuration management. Dynamic updates ensure simple and secure bug fixes, security patching, and improved accuracy in production.

Scale with Ease

The clustering feature, tribe, simplifies cluster configuration management and enables scale with less operational cost.

scaling with tribe

Active Community

With over 1,500 stars on Github and 67 plugins Snap has an active and growing community! There’s never been a better time to get involved with Snap.

All Things Snap

A GUI for Snap

Grafana web-based frontend app for Snap created by the raintank team

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Tutorials for Snap

Video tutorials for Snap including how-tos for running Snap and writing tasks.

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Blog Posts on Snap

Blog posts about Snap by the SDI team on medium.com.

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